Friday 29.10.2021


Web accessibility is for everyone!

Hansa Pandit

The Internet has connected us all on one global platform but to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to be connected we need our websites to be accessible by everyone. Web accessibility, today is one of the most important features that we should consider and plan before starting the development, it's not only for someone with a disability but for everyone who can access your website.


How to successfully launch a multi website platform for a leading pharmaceutical company in only 3 months

Baddý Sonja Breidert


Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG is the headquarter of the Schwabe Group, which today occupies a unique position worldwide in the field of herbal medicines and preparations. The company is a world market leader in research, development and production of herbal medicines - phytopharmaceuticals. The Schwabe Group is a family-owned company operating in five continents. Well-known products from the company are e.g. Umckaloabo®, Gaspan®, Tebonin® and Lasea®.

In 2020, the company decided to create a multi-site platform for all its brands and markets in order to gain control over all the web properties of the company.

One of the main reasons for this shift was that the digital landscape of the company was run on many different CMS systems or using static websites with a very limited budget. There was a lot of inconsistency between the web properties and no exchange between the markets.

One of the main challenges was the lack of focus on security and compliance. The web properties were hosted on different platforms and supported irregularly.
For Schwabe, market coherence is essential and even though not all website designs are demanded to be the same, flexibility and consistency are required to be able to grow in a competitive market.

Schwabe asked 1xINTERNET to build a new Web CMS platform that would solve their problems and offer a consistent brand and user experience across all markets. The platform should leave enough space to show the individuality of each brand and at the same time enable the company to deliver high-quality, relevant and well-prepared content for all markets. The ultimate goal was to increase awareness and visibility of all products on the web and thereby generate more leads and boost sales.


The true-life experience of a Drupal content editor – we are only as good as the system is!

Kerstin Polte

Adding content in an unfinished or tested website, resizing 3MB header images, WYSIWYG editor splits, impossible text breaks with German words, or adding new content blindly without the finished frontend .... sure no problem we C ontent E ditors make the impossible possible .

In my session, I would like to share experiences and difficulties I have faced during and after the design and development of Drupal pages.

I will talk about topics like:

- Missing flexibility in the system
- Decisions that were made without thinking about the people who will actually work with the page
- Mistakes that could have been avoided if a content editor were also part of the planning.
- Where do development end and content editing start
- Components with hidden surprises and trying to make the impossible possible

The goal is to create more awareness among Devs, PMs, Designers, and everyone interested.


Drupal page speed performance and how not to listen to Google lighthouse

Sohail Lajevardi

We all know if you want to measure a website’s speed performance you have to look into the Google lighthouse report, enable a bunch of known modules and cache your assets. but there’s more to that, more so on the frontend side and knowing when to listen to Google lighthouse and when not to and consider Drupal as its own beast to be tamed.


Webforms: Choose your own adventure (Workshop)

Jacob Rockowitz

The Webform module is an accessible, flexible, and extendable form builder and submission manager for Drupal 8/9. You can build forms that are accessible to all users, address any user-facing form requirement, customize your forms using contributed add-ons or custom code.

The Webform module offers so much flexibility and features, you need to choose your own adventure. There is no simple linear path to completely understanding the possibilities of the Webform module. Taking advantage of the fact that it is easier for users to participate during an online presentation via chat, we are going to collectively walk through the features and functionality that participants want to address. Participants will choose their own adventure.


The future of content management + how Drupal fits in

Suzanne Dergacheva

Drupal has long been known as a top-notch content management system. It’s well-know for its flexibility, meaning that you can customize it to fit your content model, and also build custom features around that content. As we move into the age of digital experience platforms, where content management is just one piece of the puzzle, we should be asking ourselves how Drupal fits into the landscape.

In this session, we’ll talk about the future from a content strategy perspective and what role Drupal will play. Topics will include:

The benefits of a content-centric digital experience platform and how Drupal stands out
The future role of the content editor
The right way to integrate content strategy into a redesign project, and measuring content success
What it means to provide flexible content management tools and why that’s important
The continued importance of a strong content model
How to use Drupal as a digital experience platform rather than just a content management system


Editor UX matters - Gutenberg can help

Thor Andre Gretland & Drew Gorton


Many Drupal projects spend a lot of time and energy on architecture, integrations, deployment pipelines, user experience and more. Very few spend time tuning the editor experience, often resulting in obtuse and intimidating content editing interfaces. The result? Stale content, unhappy clients who dread editing the site. In the end, something that clients are willing to declare a wasted investment in a difficult-to-use tool. Drupal itself becomes a scapegoat for failure, and sadly some decide to leave it behind.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Drupal Gutenberg is an easy to use, easy to setup tool that can dramatically improve the usability of your sites for editors and content creators. Drupal and the Gutenberg editor is a killer combination, empowering content authors to build rich landing pages inside a rock solid CMS framework. Having the solid foundation and flexibility of Drupal combined with the ease of use from Gutenberg, creates a sweet spot you won’t find in another CMS. The Drupal Gutenberg module is stable and continuously updated and improved!

Authors and marketers want to focus on perfecting their content. They want to adjust and improve, and have the flexibility to create exciting content that stands out. All of this needs to happen within the agreed boundaries of their own design manual. Come to this session to see how real-world teams make the combination of Drupal + Gutenberg work for them.


Saturday 30.10.2021